By. Koketso Thapedi

Success is one of the common goals we all want to nurture in our lifetime, success is a marathon we all desire to run, our intension and motivation. Focus; is the lead director when it comes to achieving the greatness of life. The three phenomenon’s I am about to address are the most valuable instruments one must have for him to focus well on his success.

What you desire is more driven by your dreams, and as dreams are your primary goals, achieving them will need you to learn about the in-depth of your desires. Have a great knowledge about “self-sense”, this involves both your outer surrounding and your inner self, at times your desires are formulated by what you see and are guided by your passion, this means that what you see can be drawn to the centre of your inner being and be guided by essence.

Why you need to master the art of focusing on your desires?
As explained above, your reality revolves around the outer and inner space, therefore, if you can design a pictured art of what you desire from the inner space to the outer space you will increase your focus. Some people have a way of creating a character that defines the true value of their desires, by this they are able to have a balance between both their world, having a clear vision of your desired goals helps this inner person to better understand his role in your life but do not confuse the art of pretending with the ability to live within your desires.

Your desires might simply be the fire of your thoughts, so whenever you think of achieving something in a short or long term, have that desired fuel of achieving it, fire up your mental character by allowing yourself to see what you want to achieve as part of your life. Do not over think when it comes to mental character, just allow your mind to shape your road and let your desires to be the signs that will direct your path to achieving, bear in mind that believing in what you desire helps when it comes to mapping your roadway, and I will touch more on believe when I get to the motivational part.

Focusing on what you intent to achieve should be top of your list when you work on your goals, therefore, your intentions should be in detail with the heed of your every day’s life. Let every character of your life play its role with the intention of achieving most out of life, do not by anyway substitute the value of your needs with the desired character because when you put your needs parallel to your desires, you will see that their relationship can grow your intentions, in other words you be more determined whenever your desires relates to your needs.

Most of us surrounds ourselves in the cycle of our dreams and yet we cannot go out of the cycle and turn those dreams into reality, we intend to enjoy the theory of thinking big and we hide ourselves within thoughts that says that our desires aren’t seen or our dreams are not valued. Intensify your ability to think as an achiever with an intention that seeks to walk with you through lives difficult moments, your intentions gives value what anything you desire to achieve.

Do not feed the thoughts of fear, failure and defeat, you must allow your intentions to grow and be determined to learn about the winning ways even when you lose.

Allow yourself to walk on a journey that is designed by your dreams, see and believe in what you most desire, at times an eye sees what you tell it to see, and your believe grows from what you know you’re able to achieve. If you are able to walk in your mind and visit all of your visions and dreams, you are then able to take out those every same visions out of your mind and walk through them in your life, remember that you can simply motivate yourself by pictures that are in detail with what you want out of life, like they say seeing is believing so take it to the test.

Listen to the inner person.
People are guided by their spiritual being, and this being has the potential to talk with you and see through you, listening to yourself helps when it comes to self-knowledge, and this knowledge provides you with a positive mental attitude and a healthy lifestyle. It is not easy to get motivation from the inner being if you allow doubts to cloud your beliefs, because if you doubt what your inner person says then you’ll eventually doubt all of your dreams. Motivation is the pathway that lives within you that gives sense to your daily life.

From Winston Churchill “you will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks”, I do not know what this words means to many of us but I know most of people are distracted by what looks like fear in front of them, so much so that they end up walking backwards. Motivate yourself enough that you end up motivating everything that is around you, if you wake up and night and realize that dogs do bark to a moon, you will then see that what has been stopping you often has no powers to be near you, when you are motivated you will achieve no matter the odds, life is just life and you need to tell it what you want.


It is what you read that makes you an excellent thinker and it is how you think that will make you the greatest dreamer.
K Thapedi